Meet ServiceM8, a field service app that makes booking, quoting, working, invoicing and payments simple.

Simplify your bookings and admin work by combing best-in-class technology, the power of the cloud and smart job management systems. With powerful communication, job dispatch, quoting and invoicing capability, and real-time visibility on job status and staff location in the field, ServiceM8 streamlines the way trades and services businesses get work, complete work, and get paid.

ServiceM8 Is For You If;

  • You Operate a trade or service Business
  • You Offer workshop or mobile services
  • You Rely on paper or manual processes for booking and\or invoicing
  • You Need to offer a brilliant service to your customer
  • You Want to transform your business

We’re so confident that ServiceM8 will change your business, that we offer a no-obligation, complimentary, 20 minute phone chat to hear about your business and see how ServiceM8 can fit into your business. This chat is critical for us to find out what that value looks like for you. If at the end of the call you aren’t sold, then we’ve both had time for a cuppa and taken a few minutes out of our day.

Work Smarter (Not Harder!)

  • Realtime access to job and client details on site
  • Create and complete tasks on site
  • Invoice and take payment on-site
  • Easily send invoices via email or SMS
  • Whenever you are, see a complete view of your business and its jobs
  • No more late nights entering invoices into your accounting software
  • Be able to take on more jobs, with an automated system
  • Customised data collection with Forms
  • Customer retention and issue reporting with Asset Management

The ‘life’ of a job

ServiceM8 helps to streamline your process and remove paperwork wherever possible.

Job Creation – The first step in the chain is to create a job in ServiceM8. A job could be for work (aka a Work Order) or a quote. A job contains the customers details, the description of the job, the job diary and the customers contact and billing details.

Scheduling – Here you create an allocation of time where you will complete the work or quote. This may be a time in your workshop\office, or a time scheduled to go on site with the customer.

Navigation – ServiceM8 provides point to point navigation capabilities, allowing you to get to jobs the most efficient way possible. ServiceM8 can also notify your customer to let them know you are on your way, and how far away you are.

Quoting – Once you have been to the customers site, or taken details over the phone, you can confidently create a quote and send it to your customer in ServiceM8. Additionally ServiceM8 allows your customer service staff, or even your customers to create quotes based on questions and conditions you pre-define. Quote with confidence.

Complete & document job – Once you have completed the work, enter the details of what was done and what materials were used into ServiceM8. This is then added to the customers invoice. You can also complete forms as required – forms allow you to replace your paper based documents you are using today.

Invoicing – Invoices are generated at the touch of a button in ServiceM8. No longer do you need to fire up your accounting software or Excel and try and remember what you used and how long you spent. With ServiceM8, it’s all right in front of you (and in certain configurations, the invoice is automatically created for you!)

Payment – Take credit card payment on site, or issue an invoice to the customer. Get paid faster with a Stripe integration and save admin time on payment followups using automation.

Reconciliation – ServiceM8 reconciles your payments against your invoices for you. It even flows through to your accounting software (if any), further saving time.

How Can Ballarat Mobile Computer Help Assist?

We Use ServiceM8 Daily – Our business runs entirely on ServiceM8. This means we know the ins, the outs and how it integrates. We wouldn’t implement something into your business that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We Have Developers On Hand – A number of our technicians are developers as well. This means we can code forms, templates and extend ServiceM8’s functionality to meet your needs.

We Get That YOU Are Different – Every business has to be different, you’re not the same as Joe Bloggs down the road. Our team can work with you to map your unique quirks to ensure the software can support you in how YOU want to run YOUR business.

We’re Not Blind – We have looked at the mobile world as a whole and went looking for a way to make our business awesome. We now want to share that secret sauce with you.

We’re Local – We believe Ballarat has some of the most amazing businesses on the planet (believe us, we’ve looked at lots and we’re more than happy to gasbag all day about it). We want our business to be amazing and we want to take you on that journey with us. Our team all lives in or around Ballarat (as long as you don’t believe Ballarat ends at Dyson Drive – if you do, we’re going to have a problem!) – so we are keen to help you the best you can be, because one day, we’re probably going to need your help (or our neighbour, or a friend, or another family member).

We Genuinely Believe ServiceM8 Rocks – We have used ServiceM8 in our business for some time before we decided to partner with them. We’re excited to help roll out a solution that has helped us to become a better business.

Whats It Cost?

Step 1: Choose Your ServiceM8 Plan

Browse the available plans below to see which one fits your business best. If its all looking foreign, don’t worry, our team can help you choose the right one.

$29 /mo
  • Unlimited staff
  • 50 Jobs per month
  • 50 Included SMS



  • Job Management
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Quoting & Invoicing
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Online Booking
  • Recurring Jobs
  • Progress Invoicing
  • Accounting Integrations
  • Reporting
  • Automation
$79 /mo
  • Unlimited staff
  • 150 Jobs per month
  • 150 Included SMS



$149 /mo
  • Unlimited staff
  • 500 Jobs per month
  • 500 Included SMS



  • Job Profitability
  • Margin Billing
  • Knowledge
$349 /mo
  • Unlimited staff
  • 1500 Jobs per month
  • 1500 Included SMS



  • Branded SMS
  • 20c per additional Job

* Pricing correct as at 5th February 2019 and is subject to change without notice.

Step 2: Take Phone Bookings, Without Answering The Phone (Optional)

How would you feel if we told you that you never have to answer the phone to take a booking again? What if there was someone else who took the bookings for you and automatically scheduled it into your day? Well, by marrying OfficeHQ and ServiceM8, it is now possible. You can focus on the job at hand, and a virtual team member can handle the incoming bookings. That puts more time in your day to complete paying work, and reduces your admin time.

Note: A $50 setup fee applies for new OfficeHQ accounts.

$40 /mo
  • $2.50 PER MINUTE

A great starting package if you’re unsure of your call lengths and volumes.

$120 /mo

Ideal if you average around 20 calls a month which are 1-3 minutes long

$200 /mo

Ideal if you average around 40 calls a month which are 1-3 minutes long

$375 /mo

Ideal if you average around 70 calls a month which are 1-3 minutes long.

Step 3: Choose Your Setup Package

How much involvement would you like from Ballarat Mobile Computer Help? We can help with small setups, all the way through to large and complex setups. All the costs in this step are once off. For support after your implementation, you simply book an appointment with our technicians, at the nominal rate.

  • Account Creation
  • Account Creation
  • Backend Configuration
  • Staff Creation
  • 1x Invoice Template
  • 1x Quote TEmplate
  • Customised Job Categories
  • Accounting Integration
  • Initial Consultation
  • Account Creation
  • Backend Configuration
  • Staff Creation
  • 1x Invoice Template
  • 1x Quote TEmplate
  • Customised Job Categories
  • Accounting Integration
  • Web Interface Training
  • Mobile App Training
  • Email Support (1 month)
  • Everything in basic, plus,
  • Manager Training
  • Accounts Staff Training
  • 1x Custom Security Role
  • Online Booking Form
  • 1x Work Order Template
  • 2x Automaton Setup
  • Materials and Client Import (One Off)
  • Setup Email Inbox
  • Setup Badges
  • Calendar Configuration
  • Everything In Intermediate, plus,
  • Advanced dispatch Training
  • Forms Creation
  • Services Setup
  • Recurring Jobs
  • Job Templates

Powering Customer Communication

Do you struggle with customer communication? It’s not easy keeping on top of everything that is coming and going. With ServiceM8, your customers can email you and book a time with you online – both come through to a simple user interface. When it comes to you communicating with your customers, you can email or SMS them with the touch of a button in ServiceM8, from both the desktop and your phone.

When you are sending an invoice, ServiceM8 can send the invoice via SMS rather than email – this helps to avoid your email being lost in a sea of emails (or the junk folder).

Integrate Seamlessly With Accounting Software

Synchronize your clients, items, invoices, and payments with your accounting package to prevent double entry and reduce administration efforts. No duplication, no importing or exporting of files – it’s seriously awesome!

Meet Our Favourite Features

Hear From Existing ServiceM8 Customers

Get Started Today

Option 1: Self Setup

So you’re up there with the tech and are looking to get started yourself. Awesome! Simple click the link below and create your account. The team at Ballarat Mobile Computer Help are on hand if you have any questions.

Option 2: Tailored Setup (Recommended)

One of our ServiceM8 Certified technicians will schedule a call with you to go through how ServiceM8 can fit into your business. We’ll walk through the best way to implement ServiceM8 and provide you (and your staff) with the training you need to be successful. Tailored means we take care of everything, from creating your account, implementing into your business and providing ongoing support where required. Rest easy knowing you’ve got a team of expects ready to help.