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Computer got worms?

Unfortunately viruses, malware, ransomware and spyware happen. If you think you have a virus, or you have a flashing screen telling you that you do, rest assured that the technicians at Ballarat Mobile Computer Help can assist you with whatever is heading your way. No matter what is happening, our team can tell you the best course of action to protect your computer.

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My computer is asking me to pay money. Should I?

Generally speaking, no. It’s advisable to have an expert have a look before you part with any of your hard earned cash. In some cases, it’s a scam, in others its legitimate and others fall somewhere in-between.

What should I do first?

Firstly, turn the computer off and disconnect it from power, then stick a big post it note on it saying “Don’t Touch”. Afterwards, book an appointment with one of our technicians to remove the virus for you.

Is my data gone?

In most cases, no. However to establish this we need to investigate first. Simply book an appointment and we will check it out.

I have lots of computers saying they have a virus

Turn all the computers off and call us to make an appointment.

Can't I just restore from backup?

Restoring from backup is a step our technicians will take with you. If this is done too early, the data on your backup drive may be corrupted by the virus as well. Do not connect your backup drive to your computer while you think a virus is present.

My files are all there, but I can't access them

It’s likely you have an encrypting virus like crypto locker that locks up all your files until you pay them a ransom. Contact our team before you pay any ransom money.

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