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Simplify your computer and server updates

The team at Ballarat Mobile Computer Help are specialists when it comes to installing updates to your computer or server. We can schedule updates to occur out of hours and even test your applications once the updates are installed. Minimise the impact to you and your business and have someone else worry about security patching.

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When do you run updates?

We typically run maintenance and updates on the first Saturday of each month. However, if this doesn’t fit your schedule, we can accomodate maintenance and patching in any of our operating hours.

Do you do this remotely or on-site?

We can do the maintenance and patching remotely or on-site, whichever you prefer. Most of our customers choose to have this done remotely.

What is included in maintenance?

Our team will check hard disk usage, fragmentation, pending updates, known security issues, drivers, error logs and much more. Think of it like a 100 point safety check for your car.

What if you find issues?

If issues arise, for the items we can fix as part of maintenance we will do so. For bigger issues or forecasted issues, we will let you know so that you can choose what you’d like to do.

Do you tell me what updates were done?

Yes we do. You receive a full list of updates that are applied, after the patching is completed.

Do you make sure my computer still works?

Yes we do. Our team can check critical software to ensure that it is still functioning as expected. At a basic level, we ensure that the computer appears to be ok, however we can perform more thorough testing as required.

I run an IT company, can you patch my customers computers over the weekend?

Yes we can – please contact us for a quote.

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