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Need a computer that suits your needs?

By utilizing our knowledge of the market, the technicians at Ballarat Mobile Computer Help can help you choose a computer that fits your needs best. Need a desktop? No problems. Need a laptop – even better. Our team is independent to manufacturers and can help you make the best decision for your budget.

We can even custom build desktop computers if you can’t get enough power off the shelf!

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How do you know what I need?

When our technician visits you, they’ll ask how you use your computer and what kinds of things you use it for. Following this, we’ll work with you to determine a budget. Based on this information we can recommend a computer for you.

Do I have to buy the computer from you?

No. In many cases we’ll recommend another store to purchase your computer from. If you have special needs for your computer, we can source it for you, but generally we will help you locate the best option, in the local area.

Can you help me setup my new computer?

Yes we can. Our technicians can come to your home or office to setup the computer and configure it as you require.

Can you transfer data from my old computer?

Yes, we can transfer data from your old computer, if it is operation. Note that software\applications are different and may have their own requirements when being transferred (such as licensing).

If your old computer is not operational, we may still be able to transfer the data, we would just need to do a data recovery first.

Do you custom build computers?

Yes we do.

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