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In Your Connected HomeOffice, Everything Needs To Talk

As our homes and offices become smarter, each device needs a way to talk to each other and to the internet. Networking allows your devices to communicate and Wi-Fi allows your devices to communicate wirelessly.
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Do I need a home network?

If you have ADSL or NBN, you will already have a network in your home. A network allows your computers, phones, TV and other smart devices to access the internet.

Can you help me setup my Wifi?

Yes we can. Our technicians can configure your wifi for you, as well as suggesting optimal placement for your wireless router.

My wireless coverage is terrible!

Once our technicians have visited your premises, we can asses what sort of house you have, the location of your router and where you want to use your internet. Based on this, we can suggest the best way to ensure coverage throughout your home or office.

Do you install data ports in houses?

No we don’t, however we can co-ordinate electricians as required to do this. Most devices now days are wireless, so data cabling is becoming less and less common.

My Wifi Is Slow

No problem, our technicians can use our diagnostic tools to determine why your Wifi is slow and what can be done about it.

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