Running An Event And Need IT Support?

If you’re running an event that relies on technology, then we’d advise you have IT support on-site to make sure your event runs smoothly. The Ballarat Mobile Computer Help team can have one or more technicians at your event, or on call, depending on your needs.
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What Events Can You Help With?

Our team can assist with indoor or outdoor events, from small to large. We can assist by being ready for any issues that arise on the day, through to helping to plan your event from a technology perspective that will help to reduce issues.

Public events, weddings, christenings etc are some of the events we can assist you with.

When Can You Assist?

We can assist with events that occur within our operating hours.

Do You Loan or Rent IT Equipment?

No, however we can assist you in sourcing the required equipment.

Where Can You Assist?

Our team can assist your event in and around Ballarat. For events occurring outside of Ballarat, we may still be able to assist, but surcharges may apply.

What Is The Cost?

The charging for events is the same as our normal appointments. That is, $75 for the first 30 minutes, then $15 per 15 minute block thereafter. Where multiple technicians are required, these numbers are multiplied by the number of technicians required.

Do You Attend Event Walkthroughs?

Yes! We’d prefer that you invite us to any walkthroughs or matinees for your event. This ensures we are across what needs to happen and when. We’ll also have a better idea of what could go wrong at different times and have people in place to assist. This however is optional.

Do You Come To The Event?

That’s up to you! We can have technicians at your event “at the ready” so to speak, or you can call us and we’ll come to your event. The pricing model is the same for both as we reserve technicians time to make sure that we are available for you.

Do I Need To Provide Food?

If your event is over a meal time, we would appreciate it if you provided a meal, however if you would prefer not to, let us know in advance and we’ll make sure the technician turns up with a packed lunch box. Our team does not take fixed meal brakes during events, and will drop their sandwich if required.

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