Computer Servicing

Computers are a bit like cars! Regular servicing can help to prevent breakdowns.
... or explosions
... or frustration!

If you rely on your computer, it’s important that you pro-actively repair any issues with your computer, before they become a much bigger issue. Our team can help.
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What Do You Do?

We can visit you as a one off, or on a schedule to inspect and service any computer you may have. This includes checking and predicting hardware failures (where possible) and ensuring your computer has the latest updates and anti-virus to prevent malicious activity. At the end of each service, we can give you a list of issues that need fixing. Minor issues can be resolved within the service at no extra cost.

Do You Work On All Types Of Computers?

Yes we do. Mac, Windows or Linux, we work on them all.

Can You Do This Remotely?

Generally we do our servicing on site. This is to allow the technician to listen to the computer to see if there are any hard disk faults developing and to perform a visual inspection of the computer. In some cases we may do this remotely, but as the price is the same either way, we’d recommend the on-site service.

Can You Do This Regularly?

Yes! We can schedule you in for a regular service. Twice a year is generally enough for most people, however if you are a business, or heavily dependent on your computer, we’d recommend doing this much more frequently (ie. monthly). If you are dong this more frequently, we can tie this into running updates for you to ensure the computers are running at their best.

Don't Computers Take Care Of Themselves?

Software vendors will send updates down the line to computers to patch their software. This could be for security or functional reasons. Generally speaking, computers will download and install these updates. What computers don’t do, is ensure that they are fully patched, that their schedules are enabled and that no other faults are developing. We’d recommend servicing your computer regularly to ensure that the automated processes are actually happening.

My Computer Is ``Dusty``

Don’t panic, that is normal to happen. Normal …. but not good. Dust will accumulate in and around your computer, even in the cleanest of rooms. Should dust collect in certain parts of your computer, it will start to slow down and over heat. In extreme cases, it can cause failure of some components. Our technicians can dismantle your computer, clean it out, and put it all back together again.

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