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Computer not working quite right? Is it making funny sounds?

If your computer is starting to slow down, or you can hear funny sounds, then this is a common sign something is going wrong. Our team can help diagnose and restore your computer back to good health.
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My Computer Is Slooooowww.....

Slow computers can be caused by a number of things. The most common things in Ballarat are failing hard disks and viruses. Both of these issues have the potential to destroy data (think photos!) on your computer. If your computer has started slowing down or is making clicking noises, contact Ballarat Mobile Computer Help immediatly.

Do You Work On All Types Of Computers?

Yes we do. We can resolve the majority of computer problems. If there is a problem that we believe is better repaired by another company (such as a manufacturer repair under warranty), we’ll let you know.

Do You Come To Me?

Yes we do. We operate a mobile only service. If a more severe issue does arise, we can take your computer to our computer hospital, then return it back to you once it has been nursed back to good health.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our technicians will let you know an indicative cost, if the price is expected to exceed the minimum service cost ($75). You can choose wether or not to proceed, before we start the work.

Weird Errors

If your computer is showing weird error messages, that is a sign that something is going wrong. Sometimes these are small and simple (like a flesh wound), but others are symptoms of a much bigger problem. If something is happening out of the blue, or is combined with your computer slowing down, then it’s worth getting in touch with us.


Our team is kitted out with the latest and greatest in diagnostic tools. We can check if a part is failing, and in some cases predict if a part is on its way out. In both cases, we can put an action plan together to prevent any data loss.

I Smelt Smoke ...

Look, we’re not going to beat around the bush here … thats never good. . You should really unplug that and give us a call. Oh, and if there is a fire, call the fire brigade first!

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