Backups are a bit like seatbelts - you only need them in an accident.

Backing up your photos and important documents is paramount. If your computer fails, or you get a virus, without backups, your data is gone. Kaput! Our team can advise you the best way to back up your data to stay protected.
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How Often Should I Backup?

At least weekly, more often if your data changes regularly.

Our office backs up every 3 hours – and it happens automatically.

I Don't Know How To Back Up

Thats ok. Our technicians can provide the hard disks or cloud storage you need and can show you how to use it. We keep it as simple as possible.

What Are The Odds?

The odds of failure? High. If you don’t have a backup, I’m sure there is some magic mathematical impact that makes it more likely to happen to you. Everyone, at some point loses data. If you have a backup, its generally painless and easy to recover from.

Can You Check My Backups Are Working?

Yes we can. We can check that your backups are running and also perform test restores to make sure you could get your data back in a crisis.

Do You Provide Backup Solutions For Business?

We can provide backup support to businesses run from a home, where our staff can visit during our operational hours. We cannot provide support to businesses that operate only outside of our operational hours.

I Use The Cloud!

Great! Then you are part way there. However, just because you use the cloud, doesn’t mean your data is backed up or protected. In some cases, if the data is maliciously changed on your computer, it will update to the cloud provider and your cloud copy may be corrupted. We’d recommend having one of our technicians take a look to make sure that your backup strategy is suitable for the type of data you are protecting.

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